TSR Changes in 2015

In late November 2015, the Federal Trade Commission finalized amendments to the Telephone Sales Rule that regulates the telemarketing industry. Marketers need to understand that the amendments contain changes that...

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The Internet of Things Gone Wild: FTC Alleges Deception in Marketer’s Claims of Device Security

The FTC has filed a complaint in the Northern District of California alleging that D-Link Corporation, a Taiwan-based manufacturer, failed to take adequate steps to protect its routers and Internet cameras from readily preventable security flaws, and yet touted the security of its routers in the company’s promotional materials...

Quick Start Guide: Complying with FTC Guidance Concerning Social Media Influencer Campaigns

As you probably know by now, in April the Federal Trade Commission signaled its heightened concern with social media influencer campaigns that fail to disclose the existence of a business or family relationship between the influencer and the advertiser. As a clear indication of more serious enforcement to come, the Commission sent...

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